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Books and software written by Vince Emery

How to Grow Your Business on the Internet (Scottsdale: Coriolis Group Books, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998). This was the first practical book explaining how to use the Internet for business. It became an international best-seller printed in nine languages. The English language version sold out four editions and many printings. The book was a selection of the Money Book Club, the Computer Book Club, and the Library of Computer and Information Sciences, and it won ABPA Glyph Awards as both Best Business Book of the Year and Best Computer Book of the Year. It is now out of print and largely out of date. You can find used copies at and

Web Planner™ software for Windows (Experience in Software, 1998) builds customized step-by-step action plans to guide you through five important projects:
   1. Select your Internet service provider.
   2. Select your Web site host.
   3. Plan a new Web site.
   4. Attract visitors to your Web site.
   5. Improve results from an existing Web site.

Free Business Stuff from the Internet (Scottsdale: Coriolis Group Books, 1996). A thick directory of hundreds of Internet business resources, each one hand-picked by Vince Emery and Pat Vincent. Bad jokes included at no extra cost. Out of print and out of date. Information provided for historical interest.

All-in-One Internet Business Success Pack (Scottsdale: Coriolis Group Books, 1996). "Business success is never guaranteed, but these tools will turn the odds in your favor," said Steve Brock in UC Sub. This book-and-CD combination by Vince Emery with Mary Jo Fahey and Jeffrey W. Brown, is out of print.

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