Star Trek Comedy: The Unofficial Album

      For the first time, the most hilarious comedy about Star Trek is all together!

      Created by some of America's funniest comedians, this collection lovingly lampoons the TV shows, the movies, and your favorite Trek Classic characters.

With 10 hilarious hits:

Uhura - Joey Shoji and the Trektones: A comic fifties-style doo-wop love song, with verses like, "As the bulge in sonar shows, my love for you just grows."

All the Star Trek TV Shows Ever Made Rolled Into One - Jim Samuels: Jim is so funny that he won first place in the San Francisco International Stand-Up Comedy Competition and appeared on national TV more than 100 times.

Star Trek V: The Search for Cash - Kevin Pollack: Impressionist Pollack (star of A Few Good Men, Avalon and Willow) puts William Shatner at the helm with a cast of deranged celebrities as his crew. Would you believe Jack Nicholson as McCoy and Woody Allen as Sulu? How about Robin Williams as Spock?

Banned from Argo - The Dehorn Crew with Leslie Fish: Banjo-picking, bawdy adventures when the starship crew runs amok on shore leave.

Star Drek - Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Peter Ferrara: From the creator of "The Monster Mash." Dr. Demento says, "I must have heard a hundred parodies of the popular TV show-turned-movie and this is still the funniest." William Shatner said he likes it.

Star Trip - The Congress of Wonders: Big laughs as the starship Intercourse is knocked 15 billion miles off course.

The Worst Star Trek Jokes - Ben & Samurai: They're not kidding, these are the worst. Rids your home of unwanted guests. Also kills cockroaches.

Twenty Years of Pointy Ears - Sid Terror: A sarcastic, funny hard rock history of the first 20 years of Trek.

The Captain's Answering Machine - Kevin Pollack: A wacky phone message that the real Captain would never leave.

Star Trek Bits - Rick Warren: Wild humor that real Trek fans will love. Available only on this album.

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Please note that this album is sold out on cassettes and was never released on CD. I still have a few copies of the LP available (you know, those round black plastic thingies). To order your copy of Star Trek Comedy: The Unofficial Album, send a check or money order for $10.48 per LP ($8.98 plus $1.50 postage) to Vince Emery Productions, P.O. Box 460279, San Francisco, CA 94146 USA. If you live in California, please add 58 cents per LP for sales tax.

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