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About Vince Emery

"Vince Emery is one of the more enlightened of the people writing about business use of the Net." - Professor Bob O'Keefe, Net.Value

"Vince Emery, considéré comme l’une des personnes les plus influentes dans le domaine du marketing sur Internet." - Planèt Internet

"One of the 25 most influential people in Internet marketing." - Grimes Communications

Internet business veteran Vince Emery has used the Net for business and marketing since 1992, and has advised many companies on Internet projects.

His book How to Grow Your Business on the Internet was a selection of several book clubs, and was translated into Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Emery teamed up with Pat Vincent to write another book, Free Business Stuff from the Internet. He's had more than 200 articles published in PC World, New Times, Potentials in Marketing, Across the Board, and other publications, mostly business and computing magazines.

Emery gives lectures and conducts workshops at conferences in the U.S. and abroad, and has been interviewed more than 100 times on radio and TV, in newspapers and magazines, and online.

Emery's techniques for Internet business have been successfully applied by thousands of companies worldwide.