The Funniest Computer Songs

"A collection of 12 songs by eight different performers. Selections include funny blues, folk music, rap and a Gilbert & Sullivan Parody . . . Four songs were recorded for the first time, especially for the album. Most of the other selections were previously available only on rare, hard-to-find albums . . . This is the first album for computer fans." --Computer Currents

"A great new tape!" --Dr. Demento

"It's 12 very funny--some in fact hilarious--songs . . . This is a sure thing!" --New Book Bulletin

"Some of the most hilarious songs about electronic technology I've ever heard." --Steven H. Leibson, EDN Magazine


HAL's Song - Vinnie Bartilucci: What if 2001: A Space Odyssey had been a musical comedy? HAL 9000 might have sounded something like this . . .

Please, Mr. Compatibility - Tom Payne: Mr. Payne is a computer troubleshooter. Some horror stories in this song are actual requests he's received!

I Built a Better Model than the One at Data General - Tom Payne: This sounds like Gilbert & Sullivan's "Modern Major General," but the words are not what you expect!

Stuck Here - Frank Hayes: Can programmers cram a human's know-how into a computer? Here's a hilarious possible result.

Threes - Frank Hayes: "Bad news comes in threes," they say. Have you ever been part of a dog and pony show? Then you know client demos equal more than three things wrong.

S-100 Bus - Frank Hayes: When the S-100 Bus was first announced, experts proclaimed it a computing standard for all time. Boy, were they wrong! Now it is merely a musical memory.


I'm a Mainframe, Baby - Bob Franke: If a computer sang the blues, here's what it would sing. This song rose to Number Three on the most requested song list of the Dr. Demento Show.

Uncle Ernie's Used Computers' Babbage's Birthday Bargain Bash - Steve Savitzky: A singing lampoon of tacky computer store ads.

Mushrooms - Steve Savitzky: If you've ever worked for an awful boss, this song's for you! Not suitable for radio airplay.

Engineer's Rap - Hard Drive: This rap song won The Gong Show twice.

Killer-Byte Blues - Orrin Star: Mr. Star describes this song as "Computer lingo meets blues music."

Do It Yourself (You Can Build a Mainframe from the Things You Have at Home) - Bill Sutton: How YOU can turn your trash into a powerful computer--and clean your attic at the same time!

Unfortunately, The Funniest Computer Songs is sold out. No more copies will be manufactured. It was never released on CD, only as a cassette. Sometimes you can find a copy for sale on eBay or on This page is provided only for historical interest.

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