Russian edition of <i>How to Grow Your Business on the Internet</i>



How to Grow Your Business
on the Internet

700 pages
by Vince Emery
ISBN 1-57610-171-1

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Business at the Speed of Light (Pop quiz)
Chapter 2: Twelve Reasons Internet Projects Fail--And How to Make Sure Yours Don't (Pop quiz)
Chapter 3: What Do I Need and How Much Will It Cost?
Chapter 4: Access Providers and Fast Connections
Chapter 5: How to Get Up to Speed Quickly
Chapter 6: Breaking the Law (Pop quiz)
Chapter 7: How to Avoid Break-Ins and Fraud (Pop quiz)
Chapter 8: How Firewalls Block the Bad Guys (Pop quiz)
Chapter 9: Email: Quickest Bang for Your Buck (Pop quiz)
Chapter 10: Intranets and Extranets
Chapter 11: Marketing to Internet Customers
Chapter 12: Levels of Marketing and Types of Sales (Pop quiz)
Chapter 13: Email Lists and Newsgroups: Fast Sales Boosters
Chapter 14: Your First Web Site
Chapter 15: Writing for the Web
Chapter 16: How to Attract Visitors to your Web Site
Chapter 17: Credit Cards and Digital Cash (Pop quiz)
Chapter 18: Web Storefronts
Chapter 19: Customer Service
Chapter 20: Increase Sales with Direct Web Marketing
Chapter 21: How to Buy and Sell Banners and Net Ads
Chapter 22: Publicity Heaven (Pop quiz)
Chapter 23: Competitive Intelligence and Market Research
Chapter 24: Purchasing, Logistics, and EDI
Chapter 25: 118 Cheap or Free Business Resources on the Internet

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