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In my years of management of marketing communications, I've worked with hundreds of professionals in every area of related expertise.

Some are better than others. A few are so impressive and have generated such dramatic results that I'm always eager to work with them again.

To me, they are marketing heroes. They make me look good, and they make my clients look good. I recommend these six people and firms without hesitation.

Ken Molay, Webinar Success
      Mr. Molay is one of the smartest marketers I have ever met. He focused his expertise on webinars/webcasts, and today is the top expert in all aspects of webinars, from optimizing content and training presenters to generating attendance and analyzing results. I've worked with Ken Molay to use webinars to generate sales for several companies, and he knows his stuff. Bonus: From Adobe, a free download of Molay's helpful white paper Best Practices for Webinars.

Ed Callan, Callan Consulting
      Ed Callan is top-notch on positioning, marketing strategy, marketing communications, research, ROI analysis, and marketing materials development for B2B technology companies.

Chris Walker, Connect Marketing
      In my experience, most PR professionals are like actors: fun to be with, but not all that bright. Connect Marketing is a specialized PR firm that is the exception to that rule. When I used Connect, it worked only with electronics hardware manufacturers and related firms. Their people knew our industry in depth, and instead of just reacting to events they understood strategically where we were and where we needed to be. They had the insights to be able to recommend how to get there. Since then, Connect has branched out and now serves all B2B technology industries, and does more than just PR. Of the Connect people I worked with, I especially respect Chris Walker. He is the best of the best.

Anthony Shore, Operative Words
      I am proud to say that I knew Anthony Shore before he was famous and generating worshipful profiles in places like the New York Times and the Boston Globe. Mr. Shore is the King of Names; he is our planet's best coiner of names for companies and products. And that is to understate his strengths. Let me give you an example. When I was working for Ernst and Young's software subsidiary Kanisa, at first we had no products, just a heap of unproductized custom-built artificial intelligence software programs that performed seemingly unrelated business functions on an enterprise scale. We weren't sure how to organize our software programs, much less what to call them. I hired Shore to come in one afternoon not to name products, but just to help us find a direction for product naming: cute? serious? long? short? Shore bounced into our conference room with his usual gusto. When he bounced out two hours later, not only did we have a direction, we had a family of product names, a product architecture, and we understood who our best customers would be. Amazing.

Landor Associates
      I have worked with many branding agencies, large and small. In my experience, Landor delivers the best results. Part of the reason is that Landor has the branding process down cold. Part of the reason is that Landor hires top people. (Example: Anthony Shore was Landor's Global Director of Naming and Writing and worked there 13 years.) If your company or product needs rebranding, put Landor on your list.

Susan Fallon, Fallon Communications
      Fallon is another rare bird among her PR peers, way smarter than the rest of the flock. I've worked with her in crisis situations, and the speed with which she grasped unnoticed implications and created a new path forward sometimes startled me. Her strengths include strategic planning, positioning, media relations, crisis management, and, of course, writing.