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Of Historical Interest

This page presents information on three books written or co-written by Vince Emery. These books were valuable in their time, but are now mostly of historical interest.

How to Grow Your Business on the Internet
       This book by Vince Emery (Scottsdale: Coriolis Group Books) was the first ever written by a businessperson who'd done business online telling nontechnical businesspeople how to do it. Much to my surprise it became a bestseller, won awards, and sold out three editions (actually four) and innumerable printings. Some people tell me that I should still be making revised editions today, but I think progress has made this book more of a historical curio. Feel free to argue otherwise.


Free Business Stuff from the Internet
      Vince Emery and Patrick Vincent wrote this 1996 directory (Scottsdale: Coriolis Group Books) of free online resources for business, which is 90% out-of-date today. If you're looking for a grin, you can read its latently humorous back cover description. Can you tell that I had fun writing that back cover?

All-in-One Internet Business Success Pack
      This four-pound boxed set of books and software by Vince Emery, Mary Jo Fahey, and Jeffrey Brown (Scottsdale: Coriolis Group Books) was published in 1996 so nontechnical businesspeople could leverage the Net. Totally obsolete today except as a doorstop.