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Description from the Book's Back Cover


How to Grow Your Business on the Internet

An Internet business veteran explains the basics for novices and provides advanced strategies for Internet pros

Discover hundreds of sales-building, cost-cutting techniques you can put to work right now!

  • Tells how to find competitive intelligence on the Web.
  • Describes new ways to attract visitors to your Web site.
  • Offers real-world guidance—not theory—on every aspect of Internet business.
  • Tells how to create your first Web site.
  • Provides true stories of real businesses' successes and failures on the Net.
  • Explains how to safely handle credit cards and digital cash.
  • Explains how to buy and sell Web advertising banners.
  • Includes hundreds of free and cheap Internet resources.
  • Provides tested methods of growing your business, with page after page of real-life examples showing what to do—and what not to do! Mr. Doom
  • Includes Mr. Doom's Danger Flags to warn you of hidden traps that wreck the uninformed.

Written for businesspeople, this best-selling book tells how to plan, start, and expand your business on the Internet and the Web. It gives you step-by-step instructions, tested by thousands of people who have read this book's earlier editions and applied its strategies for their own companies.

Greatly expanded, this edition provides new sections on:

  • Creating Web storefronts
  • Writing marketing copy for the Web
  • Generating publicity
  • Creating Web site press centers
  • Using search engines effectively
  • Solving intranet problems
  • Implementing an extranet
  • Using electronic lettershop services
  • Renting email lists
  • Selecting a Web site host
  • Attracting Web visitors using a Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Increasing traffic with a Traffic-Building Battle Plan
  • Fixing stealth pages
  • Using smart cards and electronic shopping carts
  • Billing Web charges to 900 numbers
  • Using electronic payment methods
  • Creating Web catalogs
  • Using Open Buying on the Internet (OBI)
  • Preparing for Web page piracy
  • Tracking Web visitors
  • Applying direct marketing techniques to the Web
  • Designing effective banners

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