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Unsolicited Comments from 51 Readers

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Subject: Complaint Department
To: vince @ TO: VINCE EMERY
RE: HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET Dear Mr. Emery: I am very sorry to have to register this complaint about your book. I was halfway through reading it when I suddenly realized the book was such a valuable asset that I could no longer keep it in my house. I now keep the book at my bank in a safe deposit box. Unfortunately, this means I can only access the book during banking hours. This is really frustrating because your book is the most fact-filled and comprehensive source of doing business on the Internet I have been able to find (and believe me I've been looking!) Please do not write any more books as I only have a very small safe deposit box (besides the people in the bank are starting to look at me suspiciously because of my frequent visits to the vault). Yours in humor, Dan Hayner

"I love your book. It has become my 'Internet Bible.' Thank you for writing it."
— Robert Freeman, Manager, Electronic Commerce, Xerox Corporation

"I had to write to tell you how fantastic your book is. I am in the startup phase of a new business, specializing in Web site design & programming and Internet marketing & public relations. A personal copy of this book will be issued to each of my salespeople on their first day on the job. They will then be tested on its contents during training. I consider it the 'Bible' of real business facts relating to the Internet. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing a book for business people rather than techies."
— Shari Peterson, Webster Group International, St. Louis, Missouri

"An excellent book that explains this entire process."
— Bruce S. Keiffer, President, National Card Systems, Inc.

"An excellent book! I especially appreciate your coverage of secure transactions and digital money, a seemingly obvious subject that has been overlooked by every other Internet business book I have seen."
— Mike Payson

"I would like to say that your book is GREAT! I spent 6 hours in the bookstore comparing and reading different Internet business books, but could not find any that came even close to your book."
— Tony, NetVoyage

"Just read your How to Grow Your Business on the Internet and I liked it very much. You're the only one (out of the 12 other marketing Internet books I've read) that shows a genuine expertise. Definitely the best book out there: In my bibliography, I rate it a 96."
— Dan Dunne, Ph.D., Torrance, California

"Thanks for your help and common sense. My Web site should be more effective because of your book's advice."
— Ken Jackson, Jackson & Associates

"Thank you so very much for your book How to Grow Your Business on the Internet. It has been so very helpful in my pursuit of publishing on the Web. Many of your concepts have greatly influenced my Web design, and the results have been outstanding!"
— D.T. Bagley, Internet Marketing Systems

"Three cheers! Three cheers! How to Grow Your Business on the Internet is absolutely wonderful! I have been writing my own curricula for several years, and yours is so good, I want to burn all of mine! Thanks again for a wonderful resource."
— Wendy Hooks Bannon, University of Pittsburgh

"Your book is by far the best text I've read in the area. The book has given me many pointers, unlike others that are obviously written by people who know nothing."
— Dave Bowen, Sunderland University

"I read it cover to cover twice. I think it is a great book and it will help our directory on the Internet succeed. Your book is the single most important tool I have used to begin this project."
— John Kerzman, Joss Worldwide

"I found your book an excellent reference and sent a copy to my mother, who is in the more traditional end of the advertising business and knows little about computers and less about the Internet. She has shown some sections to her boss and they are both impressed." — Rob Maggio

"I read your book in one sitting. It took all day yesterday. I finished at 1:50 a.m. I have never done this with any how-to book in my life."
— Gary North

"I just bought your book and I was extremely pleased with it. I have been Internet marketing since April and had to laugh at some of the mistakes I could have avoided if I had read the book first."
— T.J. Quesnel, Due North Marketing

"The book is an absolute and total peach. We are in the planning stages of setting up our Web presence, and it is if God heard what we needed and dropped your book in my hands. It is the most down-to-earth, practical guide there is."
— Larry Rood, Gryphon House, Inc.

"What a terrific book you've written. If really focuses on the business issues, and it makes what is highly complex easy to understand. Lots and lots of common sense." — Dodge Johnson, Educational Consultant

"Thank you for writing this book—it is one of the best pieces of common-sense business literature that we have seen."
— Aaron Goldwater and Catherine Hansen, Brisbane on the Net, Queensland

"I have not yet finished your book but it has been of immense value to me. I cannot thank you enough! I am attempting to set up a Web server and it has been extremely useful. I really appreciated the Internet site references you included. Thanks again. Your book is outstanding" [Italics his.]
— Tom Hartman

"Just a line to say I think the book is fantastic. I have just set up the family business site. I don't think it compares with some of the companies in your book, but it is a darned sight better than it would have been without it."
— Steve Nichols, The FineArt Company, Norwich, England

"Thank you for writing a book that I could relate to and that was not written by a technical guru. Your book has inspired me and our company to get our own home page and email system going. Your book has been a great help."
— Rich Crabtree, Dodd Technical

"I am truly enjoying your book. It is extremely readable, making things quite easy to understand (even for me). If my endeavors are successful, I'll be sure to mention your book at my Nobel Prize press conference."
— Doug Campau

Many thanks for your excellent book. We have our site going now and I'm sure the immense amount of clear and specific information will help us use our pages effectively. An exceptional book, by far the most useful."
— Michael Linehan, Model Mugging of BC

"A million thanks for writing How to Grow Your Business on the Internet. I'm through seven chapters and it really gave me a confidence booster."
— Tom Grieve

"Just wanted to take a minute and drop you a personal note. This past weekend I purchased a copy of your book. What a delightful piece of work... I have reviewed a number of books on the Internet over the past few months. I purchase resource books and various pubs for reference and in connection with working with my client/customers. Your book is by far one of the most resourceful publications that I have reviewed. It is lively, comical and quite informative and it goes much further than just the basic everyday books coming out that focus on the Internet."
— Ken Fews, Jr., Ken Fews World Enterprises

"FYI, by way of customer research, I first flipped through your book, browsed a bit, spotted the 'expand' line, signed on, and got into your new section on the Pentium bug. Reading the copies of the Nicely and Groves email gave me the same kind of feeling I got watching Neal Armstrong step onto the moon... like I was there, seeing history happen. Thanks for writing the book, and introducing me to the concept of an 'expandable book'."
— Tom Haw

"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I thought your new book was absolutely fabulous. I've read about ten books on the Internet and must say yours is the by far the most informative to starter up organizations like myself. As a business person first, graphic designer second, I really appreciated the case studies and marketing tips. I'm about 1/2 way through and am looking forward to correctly marketing my services on the Net. Thanks for jump starting my brain!"
— Jay Sharpe

"Your book is great! It seems that I have every page highlighted with important information."
— Jacki Allred

"I have been immersed in your book since buying it on a recent trip to Denver. Totally stimulated by the reading, the book has about a thousand yellow highlight marks in it. Thanks for all the info, it is a super book."
— Alan Lambert

"I read your book with great interest, happy to decide not to highlight the parts I thought were important because I would've highlighted the whole book. I think it is the best book I've ever read about the subject. Congratulations."
— Luis Carlos Arvizu, Bristol and West Building Society

"Your book played a huge part in my business. The information in your book gave me the resources to apply for a gaming license, and it worked. I acquired the first ever gaming license in British Columbia to be used on the Internet. I read your book every chance I get. There is so much useful stuff in it I can find a different topic to research every day. This book is my bible. Thank you once again for writing this book."
— Tom Beadman, ExportBC

"I absolutely love your book. I stayed up all night reading it. I think you appreciate the marketing potential of the Internet better than anyone I've seen."
— Michael Cohen

"I recently went to Oxford Bookstore in Atlanta looking for a good book about marketing on the Internet. I found about nine books on the subject, but I chose yours because it was written from a 'businessman's' point of view and not by some techno/generation X dweeb. Thank you."
— David Coleman, Coleman's Music Industry and Radio Biz Links

"I think it is GREAT!!! I have and will continue to recommend your book to everyone who wants to learn more about how to grow their business on the Internet."
— Jonathan Dwoskin, MetroGuide

"Thanks so much for a great, no-nonsense (well, OK, a little nonsense) book! Worth its weight in gold."
— Larry Daniele, Companion Software

"I read your book How to Grow Your Business on the Internet this summer. It helped me launch a new business. Thanks."
— Richard G. Elieff, IntelliPro Software, Inc.

"I greatly enjoy your book and recommend it frequently to budding webmasters."
— Steve Epstein, Marketing Manager, Internet Direct

"Great book! I just finished your book for the second time, and I love it."
— Izzy Ginzy

"Thanks for your incredible book. I started trying to market on the Net a year ago. After trying several advertising options, I dismissed the Internet as a marketing medium. Basically, I failed miserably in my marketing/advertising on the Internet. About six months ago I picked up your book on a recommendation from a friend. I read it and started applying your tips and strategies to my Internet marketing. That started an upward journey and I've never looked back. Thank you for changing the course of my business and my life."
— Scott Haines, Haines Publishing Company

"your book is the first book I have read for 2 years (never any time!). It has caused us to change our whole direction and given us confidence in what is an awe-inspiring future. Thank you."
— Simon James, managing Director, MicroBoss

"I just ordered eight more copies of How to Grow Your Business on the Internet. I plan on giving one to each member of my staff, because they keep asking me questions that are already answered so clearly in the book. I have not found a more useful book on the subject."
— Peter Johnson, CEO, GreenJungle

"Just read your book. Wow, it's just great for folks starting out with their own Web site. I bought your book on a recent trip to Manila and read it non-stop on the plane coming home. A great investment full of top ideas and tips!"
— Kee, KBS Media

"I read your great book translated into Korean. I read the book through the whole night. The next morning, I could not do anything because of thinking about the near future. I had to do something. But I did not know what I had to do because I had not used a computer, or the Internet, or even clicked a mouse. As a matter of fact, in South Korea, it is almost impossible for a man age 41 who does not know anything about computers to do something on the Internet. I bought a computer with a modem. Finally, I launched a site on the Web. If my page is useful, it was made by the power of How to Grow Your Business on the Internet. I will never forget How to Grow Your Business on the Internet. And will always put the Bible of the Net world on my right side."
— Sander Lee, Sander's BestWare Previewer

"I read your book in one sitting. It took all day yesterday. I finished at 1:50 a.m. I have never done this with any how-to book in my life."
— Gary North

"Just finished your book yesterday and wished to say how much I enjoyed it; found it interesting, and potentially useful. it was also entertaining, because it was well-written, and a little humor goes a long way in works such as that."
— Ian Ogilvie

"I have just finished reading How to Grow Your Business on the Internet and want to tell you how great a book it is and how it has been of help to me. you have packed this book with so many good tips and resources that I use it like a Bible."
— Stephen M. Rudberg, Designs On-Line

"I am reading through your book at present and cannot put it down. Excellent work."
— Colin Steele-Perkins, Shore-to-Shore Marketing

"Thanks for writing How to Grow Your Business on the Internet. I found good advice on almost every page."
— Owen Tierney, Books Unlimited

"I would like to say that your book is GREAT! I spent 6 hours in the bookstore comparing and reading different Internet business books, but could not find any that came even close to your book."
— Tony, NetVoyage

"I'm halfway through your book and had to stop to drop you a note. By far, this is the most informative computer/Internet related book I have ever read! You turn complicated issues into easy to understand, non-technobabble English."
— Jeffrey Rosen, UFONET

"My overall impression of your book How to Grow Your Business on the Internet is WOW ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! and WOW ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"
— Michael Truitt