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How to Grow Your Business on the Internet

            This book (Scottsdale: Coriolis Group Books, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998) was the first ever practical book telling nontechnical businesspeople how to do business online.

Much to my surprise it became an international bestseller printed in ten languages. The English language original sold out three editions (actually four--there's a story behind that) and innumerable printings. The book was a selection of the Money Book Club, the Computer Book Club, and the Library of Computer and Information Sciences, and it won ABPA Glyph Awards as both Best Business Book of the Year and Best Computer Book of the Year.

It is now out of print and largely out of date. You can find used copies at and

Some people tell me that I should still be making revised editions today, but I think progress has made this book more of a historical curio. Feel free to argue otherwise.

Description of How to Grow Your Business on the Internet from the back cover of the second edition.

Unsolicited comments from 51 readers of the book.

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Translated editions of How to Grow Your Business on the Internet:

  1. Spanish (Negocios en Internet: Expansion y Crecimiento)
  2. German (Internet im Unternehmen translated by Karl Obermayr)
  3. French (Faire des Affaires sur Internet, translated by Gaetan Gladu)
  4. Russian
  5. Korean
  6. Japanese (translated by Nobutoshi Kohara; here are Japanese translations of the articles The Pentium Chip Story: a Learning Experience and Bookstores and the Internet)
  7. Indonesian
  8. Chinese
  9. Portuguese