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Book Reviews from 33 Tough Critics


  1. "At last, a book about doing business on the Internet I can endorse wholeheartedly. If you're serious about putting your business or organization on the Internet, Emery's book will cut months off your learning curve and steer you away from some expensive, easy-to-make mistakes. Written in a clear style for the non-technical reader and full of practical advice, this is a breakthrough book, easily worth ten times its cover price." — Ken McCarthy, Internet Gazette

  2. "Because of this show, I get sent literally every single book that's ever published about online computing, and I consider it part of my job to go through and evaluate each one. [This is] by far the best book I've ever read about business on the Internet." — Jaclyn Easton, Host, Log On USA

  3. "It is written clearly, interspersed with practical examples and suggestions. . . . This is a worthwhile publication which actually makes [readers] think and understand the underlying motives of Net marketing and Internet technology without treating them like morons. A highly-recommended publication, this should be considered as a highly desirable read for anyone considering moving into Net marketing. Treat it as one of the ten Internet commandments." — Internet Business News

  4. "Vince Emery's How to Grow Your Business on the Internet gives tested, practical answers to business questions about the Internet, from assessing the system's potentials for a particular business pursuit to using digital cash on the information superhighway. There are plenty of theories out there on how to use Internet services to advance business pursuits; this is one of the few to provide practical applications." — Bookwatch

  5. "This book takes an honest look at the potential for businesses to use and benefit from the Internet. . . There is a checklist of what you'll need and information on how much it will cost. Emery has done a better job than other Internet business authors on coverage of the day-to-day details of running an Internet-connected business, and he deals with issues like credit card billings and billed accounts in a straightforward manner." — Database magazine

  6. "One of the top 10 business builder books." — Ads Plus

  7. "Vince Emery's How to Grow Your Business on the Internet is a thorough introduction to the value of the Internet as a business tool. The book is well-written, often quite funny, and focuses on the needs and concerns of non-technical business users. Emery's attitude throughout the book is that 'The computers aren't important. They are only the tools,' a perspective that results in a rich discussion of how to apply Internet tools to business strategy rather than how to use or install particular tools." — Jacqueline Justice, Internet Bulletin for CPAs

  8. "A great job of addressing the issues that will confront anyone who tries and gets his/her company online. The book is organized and very well-written, and it's packed with information. While many business-on-the-Internet books are just get-rich-quick schemes, this one is a great, practical guide through an issue that's facing more and more corporations. A (highest rating)" — W.K.C., The Net magazine

  9. "With over 80,000 copies in print, How to Grow Your Business on the Internet has become the leading source for business professionals who want to take advantage of the power of the Internet and the Web. This expertly written complete 'how-to' guide is now in its third edition." — Step Up

  10. "Tops on our list of suggestions is Emery's book. In fact, if you're in business, our advice is to do nothing about the Internet until you've read this book . . . a nuts-and-bolts, tell-it-like-it-is account of business in the real world, which certainly includes the Internet. Having worked for the Net for commercial operations, and having been a consultant for Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, Emery has the background to know what he's talking about. For you, the book can be a lifesaver." — Earl Selby, PC Paper

  11. "Everything you need to know to understand this new medium is explained in layman's terms. Yes, Emery uses plenty of Net-specific terminology, but he explains each term first. He also goes into more detail than any other book I've seen on how to deal with financial transactions on the Net. If you have any interest in making the Internet/World Wide Web work for you, this is the guide you should read before trying." — J.R. Wilson, Computer Edge

  12. "This book is designed for business-people who want to use the Internet for profit, not as a money pit. Admirably frank and astutely tuned to what a manager or entrepreneur needs to know, this book will teach you, in practical terms, how you can use the Internet to your advantage, and how to avoid being taken. I give this book five stars: 'Extremely valuable for most businesses or most businesspeople'." — Elizabeth Crowe, Computer Currents

  13. "This is an extremely practical book, chock-full of tips, anecdotes, statistics, and case studies. Devoid of much of the hype which characterises many other Internet business books, the well-written chapters provide an excellent overview of business issues ranging from Internet connectivity and reference material to market research and EDI. In sum, this is an excellent guide for businesses venturing onto the Internet." — Madanmohan Rao, United Nations Communications Director, in I-World

  14. "Before you empty your savings account and sign yourself onto the uncharted waters, definitely pick up this book for some advice." — Judith Zausner, Mauger

  15. "The only Internet book by someone actually involved in business and sympathetic to business concerns—such as losing money." — Michael Finley, St. Paul Pioneer Press

  16. "Vince Emery aims How to Grow Your Business on the Internet squarely at businesspeople, and I recommend it highly. . . . I particularly liked this book because the author gives readers a great deal of practical information and advice." — Jon Titus, T&MW Testlit Review

  17. "This book provides much more than another review of basic Net terminology or tips on creating an attractive WWW home page. Vince Emery addresses cost considerations, questions to ask of your service provider or consultant, how to get top management involved, and ways to use the Internet to generate strategic marketing information for your firm." — GATFWorld

  18. "Vince Emery's book How to Grow Your Business on the Internet gives both beginners and experts some solid ground to start from. [It] is a good bet for marketers to get their feet wet in today's technology." — Amy Hamaker, Electronic Retailing

  19. "Before you dig much further in your pocket to set up the Web site that will launch your business into the Fortune 500, invest a couple of dollars in the sound advice which abounds in Vince Emery's new book. How to Grow Your Business on the Internet is a well-crafted, comprehensive primer for anyone considering the Internet as a marketing tool or a means of saving time and money. It is an outstanding, no-nonsense guide." — Steve Kelley, Online

  20. "I recommend this book. It is a great resource for Web marketers/consultants." — Kevin Fujinami, NetAnalyst

  21. "How to Grow Your Business on the Internet by Vince Emery is not an Internet book about business. It is a business book about the Internet. It is a book written for middle managers." — Sandhill Books

  22. "In all, this book is an amazing resource for any business interested in growing on the Internet." — John Drake, Web Design

  23. "How to Grow Your Business on the Internet offers techniques and ideas that you can use immediately to boost sales on the Web." — Murray Moffatt and Margaret Delaney, Model Systems

  24. "One of the best books I've read is How to Grow Your Business on the Internet by Vince Emery. In more than 600 pages he covers all aspects of doing business on the Internet." — Jan Sepstrup, ILE Digest

  25. "This is a down-to-earth book, filled with gentle suggestions, humor, and useful warnings about what minefields to avoid (based on the experiences of less fortunate companies.) Altogether, this is just a splendid book." — Lars-Terje Lysemose, ComputerUser

  26. "For the busy professional, this book will become a reference for all of your Internet business needs." —Passport On-Line

  27. "Whatever you need to know before setting up your Internet business, you'll find here. In fact, by the time you complete this book, you'll know more about promotion, publicity, and business marketing over the Net than you ever thought would be possible." — Bev Walton-Porter, CompuNotes

  28. "A classic book." — Kay Hall, ComputerUser

  29. In-depth Computer Bits review by Ray Lischner.

  30. "'Business' guides to the Internet (or, guides to 'business' on the Internet) do not have a good track record. Therefore, it is nice to find a book which is easily readable (I'm sure the businesspeople will appreciate that) and which also has an accurate and realistic 'feel' for the net. . . . Emery's view of the net is bang on. Companies approaching the Internet for the first time will need technical help that they won't get from this book. What they will get from the book is far more important. (And the book will help you to judge the competency of the technical help you need.)" — Robert M. Slade, Nettrain

  31. The Entrepreneur Network review by Bill Bazik

  32. Review by Jim Moran for FlexoExchange

  33. "My only problem was that I only brought one 50-sheet pack of little Post-It Notes, and I found so many points I wanted to mark for future reference that I had to start tearing them in half. Whether you're thinking of launching an Internet-based business, plan to use the Internet to enhance your current business, or just want a better understanding of how the Internet is being used for business, then (I never say this, but here goes): How to Grow Your Business on the Internet is the only Internet business book you need to buy. Period. — Art Siegel, SalesDoctors Magazine

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