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Reports and Case Studies

Multilingual Marketing Content: Growing International Business with Global Content Value Chains

This 42-page research report by Vince Emery, Karl Kadie, and Mary Laplante was published by analyst firm Outsell Inc. It describes real-world approaches to increasing the value of content as a key component of strategic brand management and marketing communications, citing examples of how industry leaders have succeeded and failed. To my knowledge, this is the first study ever to focus specifically on managing multilingual marketing content. It tries to answer the question "What's so different about marketing content?"

Global Content Management: Hewlett-Packard Talks the Talk of Worldwide Business

This 24-page case study report was written by Mary Laplante with uncredited minor assistance from Vince Emery. It provides details of HP's strategies for reaching global customers through content globalization.

White Paper

Translating Social Media and Dynamic Content in Real Time for Customers: New Options for the Enterprise

This 10-page white paper by Vince Emery was published by analyst firm The Gilbane Group, a division of Outsell Inc. When translators localize content into multiple languages, they use technologies created for traditional static content, not for social content. Social media produce relatively large volumes of user-generated content that are then consumed by other users in real time or near real time. Even when assisted by technologies such as translation memory, traditional human-generated translations are too costly for social media and certainly are too slow for translating content that customers can generate faster than human translators can localize. The only viable alternative is real-time machine translation for social media. This paper describes new enterprise solutions for rapid translation of social interactions and dynamic content.


The Pentium Chip Story: A Learning Experience

This article first appeared in Net.Value. It generated such a wide response that other publications reprinted it. It uses the uproar over the flaw in the Pentium chip to teach lessons about PR on the Internet. To answer the question that surprised readers ask most often: Yes, Intel did cooperate in the writing of this piece.

A True Horror Story for Email List Marketers

If you market with your own email list, here's a common but very painful mistake you don't want to make, plus two recommendations for avoiding it.